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Get Set For Serious Lockdown Relief!
A monthly box of decadent treats - both sweet and sultry - awaits you! Our founders hand-select every item, test and compare options and find you the very best blend of flavors, textures, and experiences. SIGN UP NOW and begin to experience a magical journey through the world's best artisan creations each and every month!

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Sweet & Sultry Treats offers not only a variety of flavors in each and every box, we also recognize that it's important to offer a variety of pricing options so that everyone can enjoy our amazing snacks!

Give a Sweet!

No great treat company would be complete without a phenomenal selection of awesome gifts for any occasion. Most items are gluten free, fair trade and contain no additives. Even the most sensitive tummies will be happy with one of these!

Add a Treat!

Not only do we understand the importance of trying out new flavors and snacks from all over the world, we also love having the option of adding in a fun treat that you pick out yourself! Save the shipping and add it to your next box.

Locally owned and operated from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Female owned company made up of entrepreneurial sprits who love nothing more than a Sunday afternoon trying out a bunch of fun sweets and snacks.


Begin the magical adventures of tasting and experiencing flavors you never knew you were missing! From the smoothest chocolates to the most flavorful coffees, phenomenal flavors and the very best in artisan craft creations, join now to go on a journey of Sweet & Sultry Treats!

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