michelle faber

Michelle Fabor

Heart Felt Foodie to her core! Creator Michelle loves artisan treats so much that she created Sweet & Sultry Treats to share them with you. She loves travel and trying new things!


Elizabeth Haley

As a Web & Graphic Designer, Elizabeth loves art in its purest form - and food is no exception! She has a house full of boys to feed so when she gets something to herself, she wants it to be great!


Shelby Rouse

Marketing expert Shelby is no stranger to delicious flavors. She loves to go on trips to nearby towns with her fiancé and try out new foods, flavors and fun! With such a fun personality, she's perfect for our team!



From our Creator

Just call me heart-felt Foodie. To me, weekends were built for food. Not just anything, mind you. When I give into my cravings, I want the moments to be meaningful. I want my splurge to have punch, and so you could say, I am very selective at the draw. I look for sweeties where flavor isn't buried alive by globs of sugar. My preferred snacks have a complexity of nuances that intermingle to make the taste buds tingle. Come join me on my Artisan Journey!
I want to share my favorites with you. Sweet and Sultry Treats was designed by me and my friends to take you through a myriad of unique quality snacks and treats. If you are a serious foodie, you will love the variety that will arrive at your doorstep. Please join to explore a new world of wonderful foods that you can enjoy for your special food craving moments.
- Michelle

Our team's little sampling excursion ...
We went to town for you, trying out all the goodies - testing them to find the best of the bunch.
Tough work ... But somebody had to do it 🙂