Knipschildt Medium Signature Assortment Chocolate Collection – 12 piece




Named one of the Top 3 in the World by Gourmet Magazine, Knipschildt truffles are truly unparalleled. Meticulously hand made in small batches, they combine traditional European craftsmanship with inventive and playful flavor combinations. Our 12-piece assortment is crafted with single-origin milk and dark chocolate, with silken ganaches and hand-painted flourishes that give them the look of edible ornaments. They arrive artfully packaged in a signature red box, ready to give to someone who’s been very, very good this holiday season.

  • 12 pieces; 4.2 oz. total.
  • Shipped fresh.
  • Made in USA


Flavors in this selection include:  Caramel an Sea Salt, Mint, Tangerine/Ancho Chili,Dark Chocolate Bon Bon, Hazelnut, Elder flower Jam, Strawberry and Lemon Thyme, Rosemary Infused Caramel with Mushroom Salt, Madagascar pickled green peppercorn topped with Black Cyprus Lava Salt


What you’ll discover!

Opening the handmade paper box that houses the Knipschildt Signature Chocolate Collection is like peeking into a treasure chest! Each handcrafted chocolate is an artistic handmade jewel. The different sizes, shapes, and textures all compliment one another to create the ultimate chocolate experience.
The flavor combinations are modern takes on classic favorites that are created by using only the highest quality ingredients. Each bite is even more incredible than the last, leaving you wanting to explore the entire box.
Freshness is at the core of the Knipschildt philosophy. Raw chocolate, fresh cream, fresh butter along with fresh fruit, nuts, herbs, and seasonings are the simple ingredients used to create these masterful chocolates.


House of Knipschildt – Chocopology Hand Crafted Chocolates

The Most Expensive Chocolate in the World – Guinness Book of World’s Records 2018


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