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East Shore Specialty Food

   EAST SHORE SPECIALTY FOODS offers the most versatile Specialty Pretzels, Gourmet Mustards and Old Fashioned Dessert Sauces on the market. Based on Traditional Old Fashioned Recipes and Ingredients our Specialty Foods boast Classic Tastes that are reminiscent of eating at Grandmas while enjoying the Contemporary ease of purchasing a pre-made product.

"We" was originally me - Jeri Mesching, teacher, homemaker and an innovative cook who made everything from scratch. In 1986, my children were raised and I decided to fill the void with my second love, cooking. I started EAST SHORE with one product, Sweet and Tangy Mustard. The label shows our family home which is on the east shore of a small lake, hence the name East Shore Specialty Foods.


  • DIPPING PRETZELS: Anything goes with this unseasoned pretzel! These plump, salted sticks are true to their name. They are excellent for dipping in EAST SHORE mustards.
  • DIPPING CARAMEL SAUCE: Dipping Caramel can be served warmed, fondue style, or room temperature with a variety of companions ranging from EAST SHORE PRETZELS to fruit or cookies.
  • SWEET & TANGY SLOW COOKED MUSTARD: The original EAST SHORE mustard has an intense taste with a zesty burst of flavor. No Salt Added. East Shore Sweet And Tangy Mustard Is The Perfect Secret Ingredient In Any Recipe Calling For Mustard. Also Great As A Dipping Mustard With East Shore Seasoned Pretzels.

House of Knipschildt - Chocopology Hand Crafted Chocolates

The Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Guinness Book of World's Records 2018


Hand Dipped Gourmet Flavored Coffee Spoon

chocolate covered spoonOne the favorite items on my website. This is supremely thick chocolate dipped spoon, drenched in salted  for your coffee, tea or any hot beverage.  This rich Salted Caramel Covered Spoon is particularly wonderful for hot chocolate.  They are terrific for holiday parties, weddings or anniversary favors or simply melted in your mouth. The spoon has approx. .5 decadent ounces of chocolate covering it and it is decorated in contrasting drizzle. Package in cellophane and tied with colored ribbons, you spoon makes the perfect holiday gift for buying in sets of 12.


Funky Chunky Gourmet Popcorn


funky chunky popcorn

Over two decades ago, a woman had a simple goal: make delicious and craveable popcorn for her friends and family. Minnesotans are famous for having an insatiable sweet tooth and a love of handcrafted popcorn, and what better place to combine both than in a small kitchen in Edina, Minnesota?

She began with a classic recipe of caramel popcorn and then ventured where few confectioners dared to go in her day - she decided to add crunch, chocolatey flavor and even more treats. An audacious flavor profile for those truly serious about snacking.


Soon, demand for these sweet, salty treats grew as the rumors of the nutty and chocolatey popcorn delights spread outside her small Midwestern town and across the country. She realized snacking this good couldn’t be kept a secret and soon the whole family was helping her meet the demands for bite-sized chunks of caramel, chocolatey, nutty goodness. Soon, Funky Chunky was shipping tons of pails of popcorn from coast-to-coast and a thriving business was born.



When a snack is this good, it practically sells itself. Before long, Funky Chunky was getting attention from Good Morning America, the Rachael Ray Show and news outlets across the country. The company expanded its operations - moving from Edina, Minnesota to Eden Prairie and popcorn became available in stores like Henry Bendel, Cost Plus World Market, Home Goods stores and more.


While Funky Chunky has risen to the challenge of snackers across the nation, we are still committed to creating batches of salty, gooey, chocolatey popcorn one batch at a time. Staying true to the original recipes, we hand drizzle every batch of Funky Chunky popcorn with many layers of chocolatey goodness and handfuls of salty nuts.

Thanks to happy customers across the country, we’ve been able to expand into grocery stores, boutiques and online shops, so everyone can have Funky Chunky at their fingertips. Fans have been asking for more variety, and we’re meeting the demand by offering more flavors, more treats and sweet surprises at every turn.

  • Peanut Butter Cup: Turn on your tongue with this serious popcorn mix. The
  • combination of peanut butter and chocolate is an obvious heartbreaker, but we amped  up that delight with swirls of peanut buttery and milk chocolatey drizzle. And peanuts. And caramel popcorn. It's so good, you won’t want to share. Welcome to Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn. Contains: Caramel Corn, Peanut Butter Cup Candy, Peanuts, Caramel Drizzle, Dark, Milk + White Chocolatey Drizzle


Blessed Bean Specialty Flavored Artisan Roasted Coffee -- Pumpkin Spice

PUMPKIN FLAVORED COFFEE Have you ever sat down and really appreciated your cup of coffee? How it tastes, how it makes you feel? The lengths it took to give you that perfectly rich, velvety, aromatic magic. At Blessed Bean Coffee, that's our mission, every day - freshly roasted coffee, from the plant to the porch, in a matter of days. If you're a coffee connoisseur, a java lover or just a caffeine addict, we know that getting your daily dose of heaven is always on your mind. Your choice of one half pound bag of my rich holiday flavored coffee.

Choose one of three flavors:

  • White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Gourmet Flavored Coffee: Our flavored coffeeWhite Chocolate Pumpkin Spice coffee is the perfect autumn delight! It's delicious chocolatey pumpkin complemented with spicy cloves, nutmeg and more! Our flavored coffees are a dessert in themselves! Each delicious coffee is rich, creamy and bursting with flavor!
  • Jingle Bell Java: Jingle Bell Java is a customer favorite all year long, not just the holiday season!  A toasted pecan, cinnamon and rum flavors are blended with our high quality South American bean to create a well balanced and very enjoyable cup for your drinking pleasure.
  • Santas Elixer: Santa's Elixir flavored coffee is a signature blend of Bourbon and Southern Pecan flavors on a medium roasted Colombian Supremo or Brazilian coffee.